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Your moving checklist

You’ve sold your Fylde home, and you’ve had an offer accepted on your next one. Here’s how to make a smooth transition between the two.

Moving house is always going to be an emotional experience, but despite the conventional wisdom it doesn’t have to be a particularly stressful one if you plan well in advance. Print this checklist, pin it to the fridge, and start crossing those tasks off the to-do list.

4-6 weeks before you move…

  • Removals: Get quotes from three firms. Before booking, check their references and that they’re insured for everything they’ll be moving.
  • Renting? Tell your landlord you’re moving. Do it in writing to take effect from a payment date. You’ll probably have to give one month’s notice.
  • Declutter! Now’s the perfect time to get rid of the things you won’t be taking with you. After all, there’s no point paying to transport or store things you don’t want.
  • Arrange storage if there’s going to be a gap between selling your old house and buying your new one.
  • Order new carpets, fittings and furniture: don’t leave it until you’ve moved in – they’ll all take weeks to arrive.
  • Who needs to know? Tell the following people that you’re moving:
    • Banks
    • Broadband provider
    • Building societies
    • Credit card/loan companies
    • Council
    • DVLA
    • Electric
    • Employer
    • Family & friends
    • Gas provider
    • HMRC
    • Insurers (and arrange new cover)
    • Pension provider
    • Phone providers (landline and mobile)
    • Schools
    • TV
    • TV licensing
    • Water company

2 weeks before you move…

  • Medical: De-register from your local doctor, dentist and optician (if you’re moving out of the area)
  • Post: Give the Post Office a forwarding address for your mail
  • Pets: Need someone to look after the animals while you get settled? Arrange their care now
  • Removals: Confirm times and dates with the removal company
  • Keys: Confirm with the estate agent where and when you’re picking up the keys
  • Start packing non-essentials

1 week before you move…

  • Bills: Pay any outstanding ones
  • New owners: Put together a list of the following information for the people who’ve bought your Fylde home:
    • When is bin day, and where should they leave their bins?
    • Where’s the main stopcock (to shut off the water)?
    • Where are the gas and electricity meters?
    • What’s the code for the burglar alarm?
    • Who’s been supplying the energy, broadband and home phone?
    • Where is the thermostat?
  • Meter readings: Take your final meter readings as close as you can to moving date
  • Keys, manuals, warranties: Put together any keys for window locks, sheds or garages, and instruction manuals or warranties for items you’re leaving

Planning to buy or sell a property in Fylde? We’ll help you every step of the way. Get in touch here.

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