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Why you should let your agent show people around your home

Think you’re the best person to show prospective buyers around your North Fylde home? Think again.

Many years ago, when we were searching for our first home, we went to view a (theoretically) lovely semi-detached property, close to a park and “full of character”. Little did we realise quite how full of character the house would prove to be. Deciding to show us around the property herself, the home’s owner elected to ignore the house, and instead focused on her bewildering array of Elvis memorabilia.

To this day I can’t remember anything about the property itself, but I do remember the pictures, the ornaments and the running commentary about how underrated Moody Blue is. I need hardly add, we didn’t buy.

Of course, if you were selling your Fylde property you wouldn’t do that. But to a lesser extent, when it comes to conducting their own viewings, home owners can find endless ways to lose a sale:

The babbler

Ask your estate agent to conduct your home viewing and what you get is a professional viewing that accentuates those positives a buyer might not immediately notice. We answer questions. Most importantly, we let the viewer view.

For some home owners, their enthusiasm to show a viewer all that’s good about their house can become information overload – to the extent that you don’t remember the house, just the owner.

The personal story

It is, of course, sad to hear that your Fylde property is being sold because of a bereavement or marriage breakdown. But a buyer doesn’t need to know that.

They don’t need to know because sympathy never made anyone buy a property. And they don’t need to know because revealing a pressing need to sell is hardly the best way to achieve the price you hoped for.

Let your agent conduct your viewing, and the buyer sees the house, not the backstory.

The self-critic

“Ignore that damp patch on the ceiling. I’ve been meaning to get round to it for ages. And I know the tree takes all the natural light away from the window but I’ve never had chance to cut it back…”

There’s honesty. And there’s shooting yourself in the foot. According to a This is Money article, 1 in 5 house-hunters are put off by sellers who criticise their own property.

Ask your North Fylde estate agent to conduct that viewing instead and your property will have its best features accentuated, because a viewer can spot the less noteworthy details themselves.

Honest feedback

Feedback can be a powerful tool in helping to make the next viewing more successful than the last one. But when you conduct a viewing yourself, you’re less likely to ask for feedback, and any feedback you get is less likely to be honest.

Ask your Fylde estate agent to conduct the viewing and there’s a much greater chance you’ll get honest feedback that can make a real difference.

A property sells itself?

Well yes, it does – sort of. A viewer doesn’t fall in love with a home-owner or an estate agent. They fall in love with a property. But a sale relies on giving your home the best chance to make that connection, free from the distractions that can cloud a great first impression.

An estate agent-led viewing gives your property the space to make the impression you want.

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