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What to ask when looking to rent a property

When looking to rent a property in Blackpool, it pays to be organised. We have created a list of questions to help you make sure you have all areas covered to avoid any nasty surprises should you find a property you like.

How much is the rent?

This is arguably the most important question to ask and in the majority of cases, you will know the answer to this early on, way before deciding to view the property. Make sure you’re clued up about the amount you would be paying each month – are there any additional fees or charges? Don’t forget to ask about council tax bands and energy ratings for the property too.

How long is the tenancy?

The length of a standard tenancy agreement is typically either 6 months or 12 months – this is called a fixed term tenancy. Some landlords insist on a shorter initial agreement, others on a longer one. So if you have a particular length of tenancy in mind, be sure to double check with your agent that the landlord is happy with it.

What’s the area like?

Although the property may be perfect, it’s well worth finding out about the area around it as well. Your estate agent should have a rough idea of what the area is like but if you’re still unsure, there’s no harm in asking the neighbours! At iMove we also have a handy local knowledge section on our website, which provides information about some of the areas on the Fylde Coast.


More often than not, landlords ask that you do not redecorate. You may even need to ask their permission before putting nails into walls. If not being able to redecorate is a problem for you, it may be a good idea to speak to the landlord and explain what it is you’d like to do and providing it’s not too garish, they might become more open to changes. It’s not always the end of the world, there is plenty of advice and inspiration out there to help you make a rented property feel like home without redecorating.

Does the landlord allow pets?

Commonly landlords do not allow pets in their properties simply because of the damage and smells that can come along with them. Small dogs and cats are sometimes accepted but be sure to ask about the pet policy to avoid losing some or all of your deposit.

Does the letting agent supply a photographic inventory?

A photographic inventory reports in detail, the state of a property both at the start of the tenancy and after. The images should include even the smallest details such as any peeling paint or marks on furniture.The inventory allows the landlord or letting agent to clearly distinguish between any damage that has been caused by a tenant and the damage that was there previously. The inventory is also supplied to protect you, as the tenant, against any false accusations, which in the worst case scenario could cost you your deposit. Ask your letting agent about this and make sure it’s something they provide as standard.

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