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My top 10 tips for presenting your property


So called Kerb Appeal should not be underestimated (link to our blog on kerb appeal). It will make for a better front photograph to attract viewers but people will also drive past and see the board. Also, the initial impression viewers have before they walk through your property is so important. Tidy the garden, cut the grass and weed any paths or driveways. It’s also wise to touch up the paintwork on any stone areas or gates.

Clean windows (and doors)

It may seem obvious but so many people overlook this and it can be very noticeable. Make sure your windows are clean from the inside and outside and don’t forget to clean doors, both the door itself and around the sides and sills.


It’s one of the oldest pieces of advice when marketing your property but de-cluttering really does have a massive effect. Not only does it greatly increase the quality of the photographs, it also allows people to imagine themselves living in the property with their own possessions and furniture. Don’t have too many family photographs and maybe store ornaments in boxes – you’ll have to box them up when you come to move anyway so this will give you a good head start!

Hoover and clean

Do not underestimate how much easier it is to sell a property that is spotlessly clean with hoovered and swept floors. Make sure you properly clean behind the kitchen sink and clear those books and bits and pieces off your bedside cabinets. You can smell when a house has recently been cleaned and this gets your viewings off to a very good start – would you want to move into a house that wasn’t clean?

Get rid of any bad odours (pets or teens!)

There’s nothing worse than a strong smell of pets to put most people off offering on a property. If you do have pets that leave an odour, move them out well before viewings and give it a good clean and hoover and open lots of windows to aerate. It must be said that this also applies to the bedrooms of most teenagers – get those windows open!

Draw back curtains and blinds

Light and airy spaces are generally far more appealing so where possible draw back all curtains fully, put roller blinds up and open venetian and vertical blinds. Let the light in and you’ll create a more inviting space where people can imagine living and entertaining – both friends and kids! If you do this it’s also better for air flow as mentioned above.

Put lights on in darker rooms

So many properties these days have windowless rooms (en suites and ground floor WCs etc.) so it is wise to leave the lights on (and the fans off) in these rooms so they present well. It’s also wise to leave occasional lights on in other rooms if required. You don’t want overkill here and the house lit up like a Christmas tree, just ensure there is the right level of light to make a room feel comfortable and warm.

Clear away washing and kitchen pots

There’s nothing worse than walking into a house and seeing a pile of dirty or clean pots and washing hung out on radiators, a maiden or even on the washing line. Let’s face it, nobody else needs to see any of this when viewing your property so remove it from sight. Make sure your washing is done and dried before you have a viewing and put away any pots and pans.

Leave doors open

We go into so many properties where owners have left all the doors closed. This does not make for a very inviting experience and can lead viewers to wonder what’s behind the closed doors! Make sure all internal doors are left open, it’s makes the property lighter, will increase airflow and makes the journey around the property easier. The easier it is, the more comfortable people will feel and this should lead to a quicker sale.

Remove pets

Whilst we love pets here at iMove, not everyone does. It’s therefore wise to take your dog (or cat!) out for a walk before your viewers arrive. If you’re not a fan of pets they can be off putting and don’t forget, people need to envisage themselves living in the property. It’s also wise to hide cat litter trays, beds and bowls and remove and pet hairs from furniture and floors (There’s no harm in leaving items in the garage or shed).

For more advice on how to present your property, get in touch with iMove sales and lettings 7 days a week to book a valuation on 01253 883311 / [email protected]

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