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Time to go green?

With the effects of climate change becoming more and more apparent and the earth fossil fuels depleting, many of us are becoming more aware of how we can do our bit to protect the planet – why not start with your home?

Energy ratings on all properties on the market are required to display their energy performance rating, so if you are looking for your next move, want to save money on energy bills and save the planet at the same time – look for properties with a high energy performance rating.

Solar panels

For cheaper electricity from a renewable energy source, a home with solar panels could be just what you’re looking for.

If you want cheaper electricity from a renewable energy source, a home with solar panels could be for you. If you can’t find a suitable home for sale that already has these, why not look to install some yourself?

You may be able to get money back off your electricity bills with some providers. This is called a feed-in tariff, and you can find out more about this here.

Cavity wall insulation

Cavity wall insulation is already installed in many modern homes, but if your dream home is an older property you might want to consider installing it if the building allows (some older properties don’t have cavity walls so it is worth checking this). Cavity wall insulation works by filling the gap between the inner and outer walls. It is installed via a series of small holes which are drilled in the outer walls, and then the

insulating material is injected into the wall. This will keep your home warmer and help save energy by keeping the heat in, lowering your bills in winter. Some people may be eligible for free installation, so check online to see if you can take advantage of a deal in your local area.

For further guidance on ways to make your home greener, you could try calling the energy saving advice line on 0300 1231234.

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