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The smells that can harm your chances of selling

We’ll put this as delicately as we can: your house has its own unique smell. Every house does. So when you’re planning to sell your North Fylde property, how do you ensure that its smell says only good things?

Someone else’s nose

The problem with trying to take an objective view of how your house smells is that your nose is used to it, and is likely to overlook some odours that could be off-putting to house hunters.

So for a trusted take on how your home really smells, ask a friend to take a sniff for any of these nasal no-nos.


No single odour is likely to put off more potential buyers than smoke, and no single odour is likely to be less apparent to you if you are a smoker.

Smoke coats paintwork and wallpaper and impregnates fabrics. Truly getting rid of it can mean redecorating and scrubbing down the paintwork.

If you’re a smoker and you’re planning to sell your Fylde property, stop smoking indoors now, and consider redecorating the rooms in which you smoke most frequently.


Stinky pet smells (let’s be honest, it’s usually dogs that top the whiffometer) have a habit of getting into sofas and carpets, but a good clean can make all the difference.

Mop down kitchen floors where dogs and cats are likely to first lay their paws after coming in from the garden. Empty and clean litter trays. And use a professional cleaner to rid household fabrics of that tell-tale pet smell.


Damp, mould and mildew aren’t only causes of bad odours; they could also tell house hunters far more about the condition of your Fylde property. Use a mould cleaner to get rid of the immediate problem, and check pointing, pipes and roofs to find the source of the damp.

If you’re cleaning mould, do follow the instructions of the product you’re using and wear the recommended protective clothing.

Cooking smells

If you’re living in your home while it’s on the market you’ll struggle to keep it at show home standard 24/7, but if you know there’s a viewing due, do try to avoid cooking something with a lingering smell. We’re looking at you, kippers.

Coffee and baking bread

What? Aren’t baking bread and freshly brewed coffee supposedly the smells that best help a house to sell? They were once, and there’s certainly nothing off-putting about either aroma. But after years of being told that both are neat tricks to help sell your Fylde home, the presence of either is now seen as just that: something of a trick.

So even if your Poulton home really does usually smell like the Bake Off tent, don’t give potential buyers any reason to question what they’re seeing.

Intrusive air fresheners

Like the natural smells in your home, we all become used to the air fresheners we use too. Try to avoid any ‘marmite’ aromas (ie the smells that are loathed as much as they are loved) by steering clear of particularly sweet fragrances, and if you can adjust the power of your air freshener, knock it down a notch or two.

The smells that enhance your home

Clean, fresh and subtle is the best approach. Make sure the windows have been opened for a good couple of hours before any viewers arrive to get rid of any stale odours, and the gentle scent of fresh flowers or a subtle air freshener (on a low setting) can create a freshness that enhances the house viewing experience.

Want advice on how to sell your North Fylde property. Just ask. You’ll find us here.

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