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Putting Your Property On The Market – Top 10 Things To Repair

If you’re selling a property you have lived in for a while, small problems can become part of the furniture. Unfortunately, these small problems can make or break decisions when trying to sell your house, but luckily they are often easy to fix!

Here are ten common problems overlooked by many. Some are quick fixes, and some may take a little longer.

  1. Rotting window frames – Poorly looked after wooden sash window frames can often become victim of rotting. Check the condition of your window frames to see if they simply need repainting or if their condition means they need replacing.
  2. Peeling Wallpaper – It’s not necessary to completely redecorate your property before putting it on the market, however if the state of the wallpaper leaves a lot to be desired, you may want to consider replacing it.
  3. Leaky Roofs – Surveyors will spot this in seconds. So, if you know you have a problem with a leaky roof, or have in the past, make sure you address the issue before talking to your agent.
  4. Problematic guttering is a common issue, especially with older properties. Sometimes the guttering may just need a clean!
  5. Skirting boards – Cracks in the skirting boards can be a serious turn off! Luckily these are easy to fix with the right filler.
  6. Dirty windows – Often, buyers will look out of the windows to get a better view of the garden or the surrounding area. If these windows are dirty, the viewers may question how well you have looked after the rest of the property.
  7. Dirty Kitchen Surfaces – Remember, the cupboards and work surfaces in your kitchen are likely to be included in the sale of your house. Giving these a quick wipe over or lick of paint may give them the new lease of life they need.
  8. Carpets – If your carpets have seen better days or they are starting to smell It may be better to give them a deep clean or get rid of them completely. This also saves buyers the hassle of removing carpets once they move in!
  9. Overgrown Garden – If your garden resembles Borneo’s rainforest, you may want to consider spending some time gardening before viewings. Trimming the grass and cutting back hedges can make the garden appear bigger – which will be appealing to many viewers!
  10. Cracked tiles – You may not even notice they are there, but potential buyers are looking for faults. Its best to keep these small problems to a minimum, so, if possible, replacing these cracked tiles is a good idea.

Most of these things you could, and should be fixing to make your home more presentable. Making these small changes can make a huge difference to your chances of finding the perfect buyer!

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