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Office design trends – Give your office workspace a workout!

The condition of your office can speak volumes to clients and customers about your business before you have spoken a word. Depending on the type of business you run, your office style is often a major factor in their first impression of your company, and first impressions last, so it needs to reflect your brand’s personality as well as look clean, tidy and professional.

If you are just starting out with a new business, moving premises, or simply feel your office needs updating, here are our top 5 tips to help you get it right.

1. Reflect your brand

Before you start refitting the office, it’s important to consider the overall image you want to portray, particularly if your customers regularly visit it. If your business is a forward thinking graphic design agency for example, you will probably want the office to have a contemporary feel, with a dash of quirky and creative flair, but this style might not fit so well if you are a company that sells vintage homewares for example, where a cosier, more homely look might work better.

2. Show your true colours

Your office space presents an ideal opportunity to reflect your corporate colour scheme, and this can work particularly well in an environment where your staff wear a uniform in the corporate colours too, however it is important not to go too overboard with brightly coloured branding – subtlety is the way forward, unless you’re Easyjet!

3. Create space

Most commercial properties are rented out by the square foot, so for many businesses, space comes at a premium. If space is limited, try not to cram it with too much furniture that can make the place seem small and cramped. Clever use of paint and lighting can make a small space feel bigger, so stick to lighter colours on walls, which can help to bounce natural light back in the room. Many paint companies now sell paint that is specifically designed to reflect the light and make the room feel bigger – pretty cool hey?

Clever use of large mirrors and glossy or reflective surfaces can also help give the impression of more light and space.

4. De-clutter

Let’s be honest, we could all do with a de-clutter from time to time! A messy office could give your clients the impression you’re disorganised and makes the office environment more difficult to work in for your staff (even if it is their mess!). So try adopting a desk policy and choose furniture with plenty of clever and compact storage space. If there is anything lying around that isn’t really needed, consider getting rid of it or putting it into storage off site. Minimalism is the key to looking professional and in control!

5. Choose the right furniture

Office furniture design has come a long way in recent times and it isn’t all grey ugly filing cabinets and dull, drab desks anymore. So be creative but remember comfort is also paramount. Colleagues are likely to be far less productive if they’re spending eight hours a day or more sat in uncomfortable chairs. Worse still, they might even be absent with back and neck problems caused by desks that are the wrong height; so you have a duty to ensure everyone is provided with a safe and comfortable working environment, as well as one that looks great too!

We hope these tips will inspire you to create a workspace that works for everyone – you, your colleagues, and your customers!

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