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Nest too big now the chicks have flown?

Knowing when it’s the right time to downsize can be tricky. Settling for a smaller space after living in a larger home for such a long time can seem daunting, and can take some getting used to. So to help you, we have put together a list of the tell tale signs that a downsize is on the cards..


Perhaps the most obvious sign is having so much space but nothing to do with it. If your property gathers more dust than value, it might be time to contact your local agent!


Julie next door said her friend Linda just sold, and she’s now sunning herself in the maldives with a nice little sum of money. Fancy this? It might seem tempting to stay put and avoid the hassle of moving. But the extra hassle will seem worth it once you have a little extra in the bank – a nice little top up for the retirement fund!


Heating an entire house is expensive, and pretty pointless if you’re only using a half of the rooms. A smaller house will save you money on energy bills – allowing you to pocket that hard earned extra cash.


It’s inevitable that as we get older, simple tasks can become more difficult. A smaller house will be easier to upkeep, and you could even opt for a bungalow if stairs are becoming strenuous.

So? Are you ready to downsize? We’d love to help you find your perfect property. Get in touch with the iMove team.

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