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How to make moving house as stress free as possible

Moving house requires a lot of time and energy and is regularly listed as one of life’s most stressful events. We have gathered together some tips to help you through the moving process as smoothly as possible.

Ask somebody to look after your pets – and children!

In the nicest way possible, children and pets can make the moving process a lot more stressful! If you’re lucky enough to have somebody offering to look after them, take them up on it!

Save a box for everything you are going to need in the first 24 hours of your move

Start by packing a box for the essentials you’re going to need 24 hours after your move. This might include toiletries and a spare change of clothes.The last thing you want to be doing at the end of the day is rooting through every box for the toothpaste, particularly if you’re moving in one day!

Pack your belongings in order

Throwing everything you can see into boxes may seem like the easiest and quickest way of packing, but opening a box full of shoes, kitchen utensils and DVDs once you’re in your new house will make you dread opening the rest. Instead, pack the contents of each room separately, labelling them as you go. This way, once you’re at your new home, you will be able to separate boxes between rooms and unpack one room at a time. Thank us later!

Vacuum packing clothes

Clothes will take up a lot more room than you expect. Vacuum pack bags can be purchased for under £5 each and will make packing much easier. Not only do they dramatically decrease the amount of space clothes take up, they prevent them being in contact with the dust and dirt caused by moving. Your bulky coats and jumpers will suddenly become 50% of the size they were before, and if you’re careful with how you put your clothes into the bags, they should come out with little to no creases. Bingo!

Hire a professional moving company

If budget allows, it could be worth spending some money on a professional removals company. Not only will the use of a van make everything a lot faster, but extra help manoeuvring furniture down stairs and through doors will make all the difference!

Moving on a Friday

Fridays are the busiest day of the week for removals companies and you could end up paying more because of this. If it’s not already too late and if the house you’re moving into is already empty, consider changing your moving date.

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