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Our guide to buying and selling in Thornton

Thornton, just inland, has a thriving business community, a popular selection of eateries, and a skyline dominated by Marsh Mill’s windmill.


New to the area?

You’ll often hear the whole area referred to as Thornton-Cleveleys. They were joined for administrative purposes years ago but in reality the two are distinct towns. Cleveleys is on the coast. Thornton, just inland, has a thriving business community, a popular selection of eateries, and a skyline dominated by Marsh Mill’s windmill.

Location, location, location

To really get to grips with a new area, you can’t beat spending time in it. If you can, visit Thornton twice – once in the daytime and again in the evening. Try its shops, bars and restaurants, and walk its streets to find the areas you’d be happy to live in.

Remember, it’s a lot easier to improve the things you don’t like about your property than it is to improve the things you don’t like about the area.

Viewing properties in Thornton – simple tips:

  • Take pictures of each Thornton property you visit: The more houses you view, the more they tend to merge into one. Pictures help jog the memory.
  • Make the most of every viewing: Be sure to flick switches, open doors and leave the viewing with all your questions answered. This isn’t a time to be shy!
  • Chat to the neighbours: Introduce yourself, and take the opportunity to hear the opinion of someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in selling!
  • Need a school? Many Thornton schools are oversubscribed. If you want to get the school of your choice, you’ll need to find a Thornton property in the catchment area. Check OFSTED reports and admission criteria before you buy.

Get the right survey

It’s always tempting to save money wherever you can when buying a house, but the survey isn’t a time to cut corners. Make sure you get the survey that’s right for the property you’re buying. It could save you thousands in the long run. Is your Thornton property:

  • Modern and in apparently good condition? Choose a Condition Report.
  • In apparently reasonable condition (whatever its age)? Choose a HomeBuyer Report. It will give you more detail, and identify major issues such as damp or subsidence.
  • Old, unusual or in need of work? Choose a detailed Building Survey.

Begin your search below

Be prepared

You don’t usually sell a property in isolation. There’s almost always another house to buy, and a dozen other factors to consider as part of your move. That’s why it’s important to build a clear picture of how your sale will progress. Ask us about the following:

    • Selling times: How fast is your Thornton property likely to sell? Are there ways you could speed things up?
    • Asking prices: What’s the current market rate for your type of property? This will help you narrow your search for your next property
    • Costs: How much will selling your Cleveleys property cost? Remember to include all likely expenses, including legal, lender and estate agent fees, removal costs and storage.

How much is your house worth?

Your ‘right price’ depends on the speed with which you want to move, the market, and the price of the property you want to move to. Ask us for a valuation and we’ll help you reach your right price.

Choosing the right estate agent

Get three valuations from local estate agents. Don’t automatically choose the ‘best’ valuation. Check the fees you’ll be expected to pay. Check reputations. And look to see whether online estate agents like IMOVE could sell your Thornton property for less (we usually can because we don’t have the same overheads).

Putting your Thornton home up for sale

The broader you make your Thornton property’s appeal, the greater your chances of a swift sale. Here are some simple tips for doing that:

  • Kerb appeal: From street to front door, make sure your property is looking its best.
  • Fix obvious problems: If you can spot them easily, so can a visitor. Fix them to prevent them reducing the value of your property.
  • De-personalise and declutter: Throw away or store clutter to try and create as much space as possible. If you can, try and make the property a blank canvas that buyers will find easy to see themselves living in.

Should you conduct viewings?

It can be all too easy for sellers to overdo things and put potential buyers off. Ask yourself, would you get better results by making yourself scarce and letting us manage your viewings?

Ready to sell your house in Thornton?

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