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Our guide to buying and selling in Fleetwood

This town has a secret. It never seems to shout about it, but buy a property in Fleetwood and you’ll never be far from one of the most unspoilt promenades in all of the UK.


New to the area?

This town has a secret. It never seems to shout about it, but buy a property in Fleetwood and you’ll never be far from one of the most unspoilt promenades in all of the UK. This may once have been a thriving fishing port (and it may well be again) but today Fleetwood is a place of independent shops, heritage lighthouses and a range of properties as broad as some of its avenues.

The Marine Hall, theatre, pool and leisure centre are the focal point of around two miles of sand dunes and boating lakes, golf courses and, at Rossall Point, wildlife watching. Whether you’re walking the dogs, taking the children on a bike ride or beachcombing, the ability to do it all against the spectacular backdrop of Morecambe Bay is a powerful reason for buying a property in Fleetwood.

Location, location, location

The best way to really get under the skin of an area you’re thinking of moving into is to walk its streets. Fleetwood is only a small town, but there are plenty of contrasts, with a semi-rural southern fringe, industry on its eastern side, and wide avenues of impressive family homes on its western edge.

Take time to explore the area during the day and evening. After all, it’s a lot easier to improve the things you don’t like about your property than it is to improve the things you don’t like about the area.

Viewing properties in Fleetwood – simple tips:

  • Take pictures as you tour the property. They’ll help jog your memory later, especially if you’ve plenty of houses to view.
  • Don’t be shy. Flick switches, lift rugs, open doors. There’s no point in viewing a Fleetwood property without really viewing it.
  • Chat to the neighbours: Not only is it a chance to introduce yourself; it’s also an opportunity to hear the opinion of someone who doesn’t have a vested interest in selling!

Get the right survey

Saving money upfront with a basic survey may sound appealing, but a more detailed survey could help you negotiate a better price, and save you money in the long run. There are three types of survey:

  • Condition Report: Ideal for modern Fleetwood properties in good condition.
  • HomeBuyer Report: More detail (identifying damp or subsidence, for example) for properties of any age in apparently reasonable condition.
  • Building Survey: For old or unusual Fleetwood properties, or where you suspect they’ll need work.

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Be prepared

It’s good to have a realistic picture of your sale, so you avoid any nasty surprises. Ask your estate agent for advice, or research online for the following:

  • Selling times: How fast are properties in Fleetwood selling right now? How could you help speed things up?
  • Asking prices: What’s the current market rate for your type of property?
  • Costs: How much will selling your Fleetwood property cost? Remember to factor in all your likely expenses, including legal, lender and estate agent fees, removal costs and storage.

How much is your house worth?

There is no single ‘right price’ for your Fleetwood property. It’s really a combination of personal choice, circumstances and what the market will support. We know the local market, so whether you’re looking for a quick sale, or to maximise value, we’ll help you sell for your right price. Ask us for a valuation.

Choosing the right estate agent

Get three valuations from local estate agents. Don’t automatically assume the highest valuation is your best option. First, check the fees you’ll be expected to pay (hybrid estate agents like IMOVE can offer better value because they don’t have the same overheads). Check their reputation. Talk to them to make sure they’re the right estate agent for you.

Putting your Fleetwood home up for sale

The more you can maximise your home’s appeal to the widest possible market, the better your chance of a swift, rewarding sale. Here are some simple tips for doing that:

  • Fix obvious problems: Obvious issues will be obvious to your viewers too. If you can, fix them to avoid giving potential buyers ammunition to force your price down.
  • De-personalise and declutter: It’s tough for a viewer to see past heavily personalised décor. Creating a blank canvas makes it easier for a viewer to see the possibilities. Throw away clutter (or put it into storage if you can’t bear to part with it).

Preparing for viewings

You don’t have to be present at viewings. Often, letting us manage them can lead to better results. On viewing day, make sure your property is clean, tidy and free from bad odours. And on a cold day, leave the heating on!

Ready to sell your house in Fleetwood?

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