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Our guide to buying and selling in Blackpool

Around Blackpool you’ll find quiet promenades, green space, thriving commercial areas, and well-established urban communities like North and South Shores, Bispham and Stanley Park – and they’re all worth considering when looking for a house in Blackpool.


New to the area?

Blackpool’s suburbs are hugely varied. Buy a house in Marton and you could find yourself in a semi-rural area. Buy a house in North or South Shore and, despite the name, you won’t necessarily have sea views.

Although known as a tourist destination, you’ll find almost all Blackpool’s attractions confined to a relatively small stretch of seafront between the Pleasure Beach (in South Shore) and North Pier in the town centre. Beyond, you’ll find quiet promenades, green space, thriving commercial areas, and well-established urban communities like North and South Shores, Bispham and Stanley Park. They’re all worth considering when looking for a house in Blackpool.

Location, location, location

For research, you can’t beat visiting the areas you’re considering moving into. Walk the streets. Visit the shops and bars. Try and get an understanding of what it will be like to be here during the day and evening. Buy a house in Marton or South Shore, for example, and you’ll be in the heart of bustling communities with schools, supermarkets and transport links close by. Buy a house near Stanley Park, and you may find you have a little further to travel to reach the nearest supermarket, but the magnificent Victorian park on your doorstep more than compensates.

Viewing properties in Blackpool – simple tips:

  • Take pictures as you go round. You’ll find they help jog the memory later.
  • Visit at different times of day to get a complete picture. Bear in mind that Blackpool is a seasonal town, so if you’re buying your Blackpool property in winter or early spring, make sure to ask whether things change once the season begins.
  • Don’t be shy. Flick switches, lift rugs, open doors. There’s no point in viewing a Blackpool property without really viewing it.

Get the right survey

Yes, you can save money upfront with a basic survey, but a more detailed survey could save you more money in the long run, and help you negotiate a better selling price. There are three types of survey:

  • Choose a Condition Report where the Blackpool property you’re interested in is modern and in good condition.
  • Choose a HomeBuyer Report for more detail (a HomeBuyer Report will highlight things such as damp or subsidence). Ideal for properties of any age in apparently reasonable condition.
  • Choose a Building Survey for old or unusual properties in Blackpool, or where you know they’ll need work.

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Be prepared

Ask your estate agent (or research online) to build a realistic picture of your sale, so you don’t face any nasty surprises. Consider the following:

  • Selling times: How fast will your Blackpool property sell, and how will that affect your next move?
  • Asking prices: What’s the current market rate for your type of property?
  • Costs: How much will it cost you to sell your Blackpool home? Factor in legal fees, lender’s fees, removal costs, storage and estate agent fees.

How much is your house worth?

There’s no single ‘right price’ for selling your Blackpool property. It depends on your circumstances. A quick sale, for example, might make setting a slightly lower price more attractive. Fylde estate agents know the local market, and they’ll be able to value your property based on your circumstances. Start by asking for three valuations from three different local agents.

Choosing the right estate agent

Don’t automatically choose the estate agent who gives you the highest valuation as the right agent to sell your Blackpool house. There’s more to it than that. Check the fees you’ll be expected to pay (hybrid estate agents like IMOVE can offer better value because they don’t have the same overheads). Check their reputation. Talk to them to ensure they’re the right estate agent for you.

Putting your Blackpool home up for sale

The key to a successful sale is maximising your property’s appeal to the widest possible market. Here are some simple tips for doing that:

  • Kerb appeal: First impressions count. So tidy the front garden, fix the gate, clear the area in front of your home and give the front door a fresh coat of paint.
  • Fix obvious problems: Left unfixed, they could reduce the value of your property.
  • De-personalise and declutter: It’s hard to see yourself living in a home that’s heavily personalised to someone else’s taste. Creating a ‘blank canvas’ gives buyers something to work with. Throw away clutter (or put it into storage if you can’t bear to part with it).

Preparing for viewings

Don’t feel you have to be present at viewings. Often, letting us manage them can lead to better results. Make sure your property is clean, tidy and free from bad odours. And on a cold day, leave the heating on!

Ready to sell your house in Blackpool?

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