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I’ve never done this before…

My wife and I are currently marketing our house for sale in Poulton and it’s dawned on me that it’s the first time I’ve ever been through this process despite selling thousands of houses on behalf of clients over the past 15 years!

We’re telling ourselves its not been on the market long and yet we find ourselves growing more impatient each week about why it hasn’t sold yet.

The house has only been on the market for 6 weeks and we’ve have had a healthy number of viewings but I never quite realised how stressful and worried you become when it’s your own house that you’ve lovingly decorated and restored as we have. Over the years I’ve dealt with every different type of character you can imagine, from people who are so laid back they’re nearly falling over to people who ring you daily for an update. I think it’s fair to say that I sit in the middle of these but I’m still apprehensive about each viewing and wanting to know the feedback straight after the viewings!

When you’ve raised your kids there it can be more difficult.

Our little girl Martha was born in January 2015 and so this has been the only home she’s ever known. This also adds another layer to the selling process as you naturally have an emotional attachment to the property and would love to see it go to another young family who’ll be as happy there as we have. Ultimately you just want it to sell for the right price but I know understand why people feel the way they do about who they sell their house to.

It’s reinforced the important things to me

Marketing and ultimately selling the property has reinforced to me how important the things are that we try our hardest to enforce at iMove – as much notice as possible for viewings, viewings accompanied by a staff member and not the vendor (my dad has done most of ours, I did two and felt I was too involved to be impartial), quick and honest feedback and 7 day a week availability. It’s very important to pay a good agent who can guide you through this often tricky process.


Ian and Alexandra.

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