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Is ‘No Sale, No Fee’ Always What It Seems?

Sell your home in Poulton or Blackpool and you’ll find that ‘no sale, no fee’ is the most common way to pay. But is every ‘no sale, no fee’ offer the same?

Is 'No Sale, No Fee' Always What It Seems?

An incentive to sell for more

It’s a simple enough concept. The estate agent agrees to list and sell your home and, unless he/she actually does it, you don’t pay them anything. That’s the way we work and, to be fair, it’s how most other estate agents charge too.

The popularity of ‘no sale, no fee’ – and especially ones with fixed fee arrangements – is down to one very simple fact: it’s a system that works brilliantly for sellers. You don’t pay a penny until your home is sold. Because the fee is fixed you know exactly much you’ll be paying, and because the estate agent won’t get paid until the end of the process, there’s a constant incentive to work hard and achieve the perfect balance of speed and sale price.

But not every ‘no sale, no fee’ offer is quite what it seems. Here’s why:


There’s a growing tendency for some online estate agents to offer a service where, for a lower back end fee, they list your home but you are expected to do pretty much everything else.

Yet for the vast majority of sellers, the whole reason for using an estate agent is to take advantage of all their time, knowledge and experience. So when you’re selecting ‘no sale, no fee’ make sure your estate agent is delivering a full service in return.

No sale, some fees

Some ‘no sale, no fee’ offers place the majority of the fees at the end of the sale process, but sneakily add in a few extras that are often chargeable upfront. These ‘listing fees’ can run to £200 or more.

We believe going the extra mile is what sets us apart from other Poulton estate agents. Those little extras are what we do as standard. You shouldn’t have to pay for them – especially as part of a ‘no sale, no fee’ package! Because if you have to pay, then it’s not ‘no fee’ is it?

What you get for your money

It may be ‘no sale, no fee’, but a lot needs to happen between listing a property and signing the transfer for a sale to be secured. So check what your estate agent is offering and make sure you’re comparing like with like. Is your property advertised online, or does it go in the local newspaper too? Are viewings accompanied? Do you even get a ‘for sale’ sign outside your home?

If you’re ready to sell your Blackpool or Poulton home, talk to the people where ‘no sale, no fee’ is exactly what it promises. You can get in touch here.

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