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Important questions to ask yourself about the garden in a new home.

1. Will it get the sun?

The way the garden faces will determine the amount of light it gets. If it faces south, it will receive the most light. If the garden is north facing, it will receive the least light – and may also be quite damp!

South facing gardens are a big selling point – and highly sought after by many! If you are viewing a property with a south facing garden, it is likely you’ll know beforehand, but it still pays to check yourself during the viewing.

Let’s not forget that a south facing garden isn’t the be-all and end-all. West facing gardens will get the sun in the afternoon and evening, and gardens facing east will get light in the morning – something to consider for the early birds out there!

Now, we know Blackpool isn’t always the sunniest, but at least if it did come out to play, you’d know what to expect!

2. Are there any problematic trees or plants?

Trees can look beautiful in a garden, but if they are too close to the house the tree roots can spread out below the ground and absorb moisture from the soil, causing something known as subsidence. This can cause huge problems with the foundations of a house – and is expensive to put right!

The infamous Japanese Knotweed has roots that grow deep into the ground, causing major problems to foundations, drains and walls! This problem is extremely difficult to eradicate.

If this is something you are particularly worried about, a HomeBuyer Report from a RICS-registered surveyor is recommended, to provide you with an assessment of risks like these.

3. How much will it cost to make improvements?

Don’t forget, gardens cost money to maintain, and if any work needs to be carried out to improve it, you will need to factor it in when working out your budget.

These improvements could be anything from laying lawn, decking or paving, pulling up shrubs and trees, filling in ponds or changing fences!

If you are willing to fork out and carry out work on a garden, make sure you request several quotes from different, reputable companies, and factor the average cost into your budget.

4. Is any part of the garden protected?

Single trees, groups of trees or woodland may be protected by a Tree Preservation Order issued by the Local Authority. Occasionally the order goes further than just not allowing you to cut down the tree, sometimes the order stops you from even cutting them back.

So, if you love the garden but not the tree in the middle of it – contact the relevant local authority to find out what you can do first!

5. Who lives next door?

If you’ve recently retired, or just value peace and quiet whilst lounging around in the garden – you may want to make note of who’s living next door! If you can spot a trampoline next door, or several footballs, the alarm bells should be ringing.

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