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The importance of a good for sale / to let board!

The Sale / To Let board is one of the oldest marketing tools available to estate agents, and even today with the success of online marketing, it is still considered one of the most important! The boards not only benefit your estate agent, but also you, as you are likely to be keen to sell your house successfully in a reasonable amount of time.

Universally Recognised! The boards act as a symbol of the property being For Sale / To Let or Sold / Let. These boards get people talking, and people talking can lead to a sale! Often, homeowners are worried about neighbours gossiping for weeks on end once finding out that their house is for sale. However, at least one of your neighbours is bound to have subscribed to Rightmove’s local property updates, and will have been notified as soon as you put your property on the market.

Drive buyers! These are the people that drive past your house on a daily or weekly basis, maybe while on their way to work, and find your property appealing. These people have no intention of buying or moving, or maybe not until they see that yours is for sale!

The relocators. These buyers don’t know the area well at all, but are visiting the area to get an idea of the kinds of properties on offer. If they like the look of your property, and the area you live in, they may take time to find you online later!

The pre-viewers. Many buyers like to take a look at the outside of the property before booking a viewing. As most estate agents will only give away the street name when you book a viewing, a Sale / To Let board ensures they can find your property easily.

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