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How the language your estate agent uses can affect your sale

Why we’re working hard to rid the world of meaningless property descriptions.

“An exciting opportunity has arisen…”

“We are delighted to offer…”

“…a desirable, up and coming area”

What guff. Sadly, estate agents are known for bending language into shapes it really wasn’t designed for. As an industry, and certainly in the past, the property description for your north Fylde property would have been full of classic clichés: from “the property benefits from…” to “brimming with character”.

We describe the Fylde properties we have for sale or let differently – because it gets better results. Here’s how:

Get to the point

Phrases like “we are delighted to offer for sale a…” take up space and waste your time. We’re selling your house, not telling a story. Besides, your property sale is about you and your home. How delighted we are to sell it has nothing to with it. The words we use are there to do a job, not act as decorative fluff, so we’ll keep them short and sweet.

Just the facts

Where others might opt for a summary that says “tastefully refreshed and updated kitchen and bathroom featuring all modern amenities” (whatever they are), we’ll go with “modernised kitchen and bathroom.” Why? Because those 4 words do exactly the same job as the more long-winded version above.

Tell the truth

We want to sell your north Fylde home so we will, of course, look to reinforce the positives and show off its best features. But we don’t and won’t tell porkies. Want to know how big a room really is? You’ll find measurements for every room in every property we sell. Want to know exactly what’s in the bathroom? We’ll avoid the vagueness of “all modern fixtures” and tell you there’s a bath, standalone shower, sink and loo, all on a tile floor.

Say what we mean

We’re not robots. Every property has something distinctive and exciting about it. So when we see something that really is worth paying attention to we’ll say so. And because we don’t spend our time gushing over every little thing, it tends to have more effect.

Know what a property description is for

This really is the nub of it. How you word your property descriptions really comes down to the job you see those descriptions fulfilling. If you believe a property description’s job is to sell your house, then you’ll inevitably create something that reads more like an ad. But who ever bought a property based on the description?

That’s why we treat property descriptions as what they are – informational pieces that, together with the photos, give you an understanding of the space and how each room relates to the others. We believe a description is there to help you filter the Fylde properties you want to explore further from the ones you don’t. The selling part? That’s always, always, always done by the house itself.

Want to keep the language of selling your Fylde property simple? Give us a call on 01253 88 33 11.

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