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Going away? Protect your home while you’re gone.

Don’t make it easy for them!

Nothing says ‘I’m an empty house, help yourself’ like a pile of post by the door. Before you leave the house, give your neighbours a spare key and ask them to keep popping in and removing any post. If this isn’t an option, the Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service could come in handy. This service allows you to put your post on hold while you’re away, for a small charge.

Switch off!

Switch off all of your appliances at the plug, except for your fridge/freezer. This helps to reduce the risk of fires and will save you money on utility bills. You may also want to turn your heating off, or to a very low setting – to avoid paying money to heat an empty house!

Keep them guessing

We’re not suggesting you go about this Kevin McAllister style, but timer plugs for your lights can trick burglars into thinking you’re at home. If you’re taking your car away with you, ask a friend or a neighbour to park on your drive while you’re gone.

Lock up

Check all doors and windows are locked, and keep the keys well out of the way and hidden somewhere safe.If you were to be burgled and your insurance providers found out doors or windows were unlocked/open, they would be unlikely to pay out for a claim.

Finally, leave a spare set of keys with your neighbours so that they can access your property if something were to go wrong.

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