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Which floats your boat? Period or modern?

Either you’re a fan of modern houses or you love period properties. It’s rare that people like both. So many of our buyers would only choose one or the other.


Modern houses can be anything from 1960’s up to the present day although it’s interesting that developers these days (and for the past 20-30 years) have been trying to build newer houses in a more traditional style. This must be because they sell better, I guess that to build them in a more traditional style suggests that they are built better and will last longer – this is not always the case though!

Period properties are typically anything pre-war however the 1950’s saw a large boom in house building so there are a tonne of houses from this era that don’t really sit in the modern or period categories.


Maintenance on new properties (by this I mean in the last 5-10 years) should, for obvious reasons, be very minimal indeed. Whereas if you buy a period house, unless it has been re-done top to bottom, you can expect there to be a lot of maintenance issues. Potentially damp, roof work etc. However, if period properties are your thing, this maintenance will not put you off – the character is what it’s all about and you simply cannot get the same level of character from newer houses.

However, some people loathe the idea of bags of old fashioned character and far prefer sleek, modern lines and minimalist furniture and kitchens etc. We have sold loads of superb modern properties that are a credit to their owners and make stunning contemporary family homes. It just depends what you prefer.


Generally speaking, you will get more space and higher ceilings from period properties. Larger rooms mean more space for all the kids’ toys, for larger pieces of fine furniture or just general items that we all collect over the years. It’s a bit of a joke in our family, but my parents have a fab Edwardian house and it’s definitely full of lots of interesting stuff! We call them the furniture hoarders of Bispham! ?


Unless a period property has been completely stripped back to brick and a full new insulation and heating system installed, it’s likely that it will be less energy efficient and cost more to heat and run. Even if the heating and insulation have been done, the rooms will be bigger so will cost more to heat. Modern houses (certainly in the last 10 years) will be far more energy efficient and will have smaller rooms and lower ceilings so will be cheaper to heat and run. However, this goes back to which type of house you prefer – if you love period properties, the heating costs will be lower down on your list of concerns!


It’s a simple and undeniable fact that modern, sleek lines, shiny smooth furniture, induction hobs, more simple woodwork detailing are all easier to clean than what you will find in older properties. Especially when you add in sticky kids’ fingerprints and pets – modern houses will be easier and quicker to clean.

Furniture costs

If you’re furnishing a period property with bigger rooms you’ll need bigger furniture to fill the space accordingly. This can, of course, cost more but in some people’s opinion, modern furniture is boring and clinical so the extra cost is less of an issue. On the flip side, if you’re into the modern and contemporary look, you may think that large old furniture is stuffy and cluttered. So, it really depends on personal taste, either way, consider this when deciding which property type might suit you.

What house goes with what type

As a final thought, on too many occasions I’ve been into properties where people have either tried to give a modern look to a period house or tried to give a modern house period features. It’s a fine line between getting this right and it looking terrible so make sure you get it right. There’s so many resources online these days to help you out. You can create ideas boards online to pin your favourite images to – this is great for experimenting with different looks and styles.

Whichever type of house suits you, I know you’ll make the right decision and will be very settled and happy!

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