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‘Enhanced marketing packages’ – worth the money?

Is the recent trend towards enhanced marketing packages a valuable premium service that gives sellers the edge, or an attempt to charge for something that should come as standard?

Every industry needs to evolve the services it offers. Estate agency is no different. So what do you think about this? You decide to sell your Fylde home and your estate agent offers you a choice. For a lower fee you can take the standard package. But for a higher fee, you can enjoy all the benefits of the ‘enhanced marketing package’, including high quality photography and 3D floor plans. Naturally, it’s the enhanced package that’s likely to increase the chances of selling your home. But is it worth paying for?

Supporters of enhanced marketing packages will say estate agents are simply moving with the market. Two tier services, where standard and premium coexist, are commonplace in everything from travel to downloadable music/movie services – so why not offer the same choice in estate agency?

But there’s a powerful counter-argument, and it’s one we’d strongly support:

  • If you pay extra for enhanced marketing, what does that say about the marketing that isn’t enhanced?
  • It’s the wrong service message. We want to sell your North Fylde home. It’s that simple. Whether it’s a fixer-upper or a palatial estate we want to show what we can do. But when your marketing is two-tier, that’s not the message you send at all. Instead, what you really say is ‘the degree to which we care depends on the amount you pay’.
  • It’s counter-productive. An estate agency’s survival rests on its ability to sell the properties that come its way. By creating a two-tier system, the estate agent is effectively placing the properties in the lower tier at a disadvantage (for the agent as well as the seller)

That’s not to say that there’s no place for ‘enhanced marketing’. On the contrary, one of the key ways in which an agency can distinguish itself from the competition is through the quality of its property marketing.

It’s just that we believe it’s the wrong proposition for the market. We shouldn’t be creating a market of haves and have-nots. We should be working to constantly improve and enhance our marketing and ensure that all our clients can benefit from top quality imagery and 3D floor plans – without paying extra.

Because when ‘enhanced marketing’ is just business as usual, everyone benefits.

Want ‘enhanced marketing’ as standard? Sell your North Fylde home with us. You can get in touch here.

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