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Dream Abodes

If you are looking to move or improve in 2017, here’s some food for thought to help you get started with your New Year property project…

Whether you are looking to upsize, embark on major home improvements, or would like to live somewhere a little out of the ordinary, we’ve got some great ideas to help you get started…

Bursting at the seams?

If you are happy with the area you live in, but need more space, improving your existing property can be a good investment, and could add significant value to your home if you get it right. Loft conversions, extensions, conservatories and basement conversions are all good options to consider if you have the space and the funds available, and don’t mind living in a building site for a while!

A loft conversion can add light and space to a property, and gives extra room for the expanding family. Before embarking on a project like this, make sure you seek all the appropriate planning permission from your local council planning department first, and ask around for reputable tradesmen and builders who have done similar work … so you can avoid the cowboys!


If you are upsizing, consider what type of property you want to go for and where – are you a city slicker, suburbanite, beach bum or country bumpkin at heart? Location is everything when choosing the right home, so consider what makes you happy, what amenities you need, and research the local area before you buy. If you are savvy and invest at the right time in a house that has the ‘wow’ factor, you could see it rapidly gaining in value, making it a fantastic investment as well as a fabulous home.

Something whacky?

If you fancy living somewhere really out of the ordinary – windmills, barges, thatched cottages and water towers are all possibilities! You could have a truly unique dream home but remember these options are not without their challenges. Fitting furniture can be difficult in unusual types of home, as the rooms can be irregularly shaped, and you might find insurance needs to come from a more bespoke specialist provider, which could be expensive. Our advice is this type of home could be lots of fun, but do your research thoroughly before you commit.

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