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Common mistakes that are costing you £1000s…..

The old ones aren’t always the best

The most important time for you to achieve the maximum price for your property is the first 4-6 weeks of marketing – it’s new to the market, you can create a buzz, get people excited – so you ideally want to sell it in that timeframe!

Back in the good old days on the Fylde Coast when people used to look at houses in estate and letting agents’ windows’ it was wise to pitch your asking price just below a round figure.

For example, £179,950 or £124,950 etc…… As we all know from the shops and supermarkets, this gave the illusion of the price being cheaper than it is and it entices you to buy. Your estate or letting agent should now be thinking more cleverly than this.

If you pitch your price at £180,000 or £125,000 it will show at the top of the listings on the property portals and will also be visible to people who are looking to spend £180,000 or £125,000 and up. Thus, being seen more quickly (at the top of the lists) and by more people (people who are looking below and above £180,000)!

Not de-cluttering and de-personalising before photos

Considering that 90% pf homebuyers now start their search online, it is extremely important to ensure that the property you are trying to sell is instantly enticing! Try to choose a good local estate or letting agent who isn’t scared of telling you how to stage your property.

You need buyers to envisage themselves living in your house and initially, they will only be able to do this by looking at the photos and floor plan – I really hope your Poulton or Thornton estate or letting agent has provided you with a floor plan!

The best photos you see are those with clean lines and spacious clutter free rooms. Don’t believe that just because you’re selling a 3-bed semi on Acacia Avenue that your agent shouldn’t be able to make it look spacious, bright and airy. If you’ve got lots of cushions, move them out of the way.

Is there a rug hiding that lovely wooden floor? What about lots of ornaments on that new fireplace you installed a few years back?

We’ve all got shampoo bottles, towels, toilet rolls and weighing scales in our bathrooms but your suite (no matter what colour!) will look so much better without them in the photograph. Is that 1980s swivel office chair on show in your son’s old bedroom? What about the kitchen towels folded over your oven and the door mat on the floor by the door?

Taking care of these small details will produce better photographs and more viewers, more quickly – don’t forget that the best time to achieve the best price is the first 4-6 weeks.

Forgetting about your garden/driveway

Now that you’ve cleared your personal belongings out of the way, don’t forget about your outside space. It’s an old cliché but the kerb appeal of your property is extremely important and it doesn’t take a lot of money to sort it out.

More from iMove: 5 ways to improve your home’s kerb appeal

Buyers and tenants will see your property advertised online and will take a drive around the area to see what’s available with for sale and to let boards up. Your house needs to look smart and presentable. Paint the coping stones on your front wall, weed the edge of the driveway, cut the grass regularly, make sure the windows are kept clean and that the bins are tucked down the side (if possible).

If it’s the right time of year some planted tubs with flowers will really brighten things up. It’s just a case of making the best of what you have and giving potential buyers and tenants the impression that they’re buying or renting something of quality.

If you need some help with selling or renting your property on the Fylde Coast, call iMove on 01253 883311 or email us here [email protected]

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