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Adventure playgrounds and pet parlours? Luxury home trends to watch out for this year!

We all have an idea of what our “dream home” looks like, be it an open plan city apartment, a small country cottage or a barn conversion! But what about adventure playgrounds, submerging swimming pools and pet parlours? Here’s a list of the current, weird and wonderful luxury home trends.

Pooch Parlour

No, we don’t just mean a small room for your muddy pet to dry off! We mean a fully fledged pet parlour, complete with underfloor heating, luxury beds, showers, and even facilities built in to help them dry off after rainy walks!

Upstairs laundry rooms

This one makes the most sense of them all, after all, upstairs is the place laundry tends to be created.

Adventure playgrounds

Forget the lonely swing at the end of the garden – this just isn’t good enough for many luxury home owners! Adventure playgrounds are the new trend, and an adventure they are! Many of them feature beautifully crafted climbing frames, tree houses fit to live in, cycle paths and giant sand pits!

The submerging swimming pool

As if a “normal” swimming pool isn’t good enough, the trend is now submerging pools! The bottom of the pool rises up to become level with the floor of the room, meaning when you’re finished swimming, you can go from the pool to the dance floor in just a few minutes!

Gadget loaded games room

A TV and a pool table no longer impress.Nowadays games rooms are a high tech affair, with built in sound systems, smart TVs, gaming chairs and mini bars!

It’s easy to get wrapped up in everything on offer and your wish list can seem never ending! But don’t forget, if you are struggling to find a home that ticks all the boxes, there are often opportunities to add them in once you move!

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