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7 Day Opening – Why It Matters

Should you expect your Poulton estate agent to open 7 days a week? We think so. And here are 5 reasons why…

7 Day Opening - Why It Matters

1. The weekend is the best time to sell your property

In the UK, more houses are sold on a Saturday than at any other point during the week. But in the US, where 7-day opening has been part of the estate agency landscape for far longer, Sunday is the busiest day. If we can expect this trend to filter across the Atlantic (and most trends do) then 7 day opening is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ from your Poulton estate agent. It’s essential.

2. We’re here at your convenience – not the other way round

The whole point of enlisting the services of a sales or letting agent is to make life easier. We can hardly claim to be doing that if we’re closed on the days you find it easiest to talk to us.

3. Making sure browsers can do more than browse

One of the big advantages of being an online Poulton estate agent is that browsers can look for properties at a time that suits them. More often than not, that time is weekends.

When someone sees a property that grabs them the next step is to get in touch. If we’re not here to help fuel that initial spark of curiosity we could be missing a chance to sell your property. Yes, they could call us the following day – but then again they might not. By opening 7 days a week, we can make the most of all the opportunities that come our (and your) way.

4. A quicker process

Much as we’d like things to be different, there are still parts of the home-selling process that can’t proceed on a Sunday because the lawyers, mortgage people, Land Registry etc are all enjoying their weekend.

So if none of that can happen on a Sunday, does it matter if we’re here? We think so, and here’s why: because there are things we can do to move your property through the selling process more quickly. We can put together your property’s details and place them online. We can talk to potential buyers about your property. We can arrange viewings. And we can handle offers and negotiations…

5. Offers and negotiations without the waiting

7 days a week means we don’t sit on the emails and voicemails that carry offers for your property. So you don’t spend Sunday on tenterhooks hoping for good news on Monday.

And when negotiations are forced to take an unnatural break just because it happens to be Sunday? Well, we don’t think that serves the interests of any party.

By opening 7 days a week, when we hear from the buyer, so do you.

If you’re ready to sell your home, we’d love to talk. You can talk to us (7 days a week, of course) here.

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