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5 ways to improve your home’s kerb appeal

We shouldn’t judge by first impressions. But we all do, especially when it comes to house hunting. If you’re planning to sell your Fylde home, use this checklist to make sure your property is saying all the right things when potential buyers are walking to your door. Speaking of which…

Your front door

Is the paint faded, peeling or flaking? At the very least, give your front door a good clean, but seriously consider repainting, to boost the visual impact of your property, and to show your home has been well-maintained. Keep it simple – high gloss black or white are still best.

Door furniture

It’s easy to miss the gradual deterioration in the little things that can make an immediate impact on a first time visitor. Take another look at the ironmongery on and around your door and replace or repaint rusting letterboxes, latches, knockers, lanterns and handles.

Clean the windows

Don’t have the ladders to tackle the upstairs? Call your local window cleaner. That tiny investment really is worth it, as it not only improves the appearance outside; it lets more natural light inside too.

Tidy the vehicles

Do you usually try to cram 3 vehicles down the drive? Does your eldest child leave the motorbike/pushbike as a trip hazard right in front of the door? Is your renovation project rusting on the drive? Do what’s necessary to make your driveway look like part of a home, not a garage or NCP carpark.

Park a vehicle or two on the road or round the corner if necessary. And if the car has to be on the drive, do make sure it’s reasonably clean and tidy.

Move the children’s bikes

Give the scooters, trikes, toys and other garden playthings a temporary home back in the shed. There’s a balance to be struck when selling your North Fylde home between showing how perfect it is for a family, and over-cluttering the drive and garden. And you don’t want a viewer tripping and falling – that never creates the ideal impression.

Titivate the garden

We’re not suggesting you start a full programme of landscaping, but whatever front garden space you have, even if it’s only a small square, make the most of it. Greenery works wonders, so a little extra planting, a thorough weed, and the odd hanging basket or pot can lift the entire look of your property.

Move the wheelie bins

If your Fylde home has a bin store, make sure the wheelies are in it. And if you tend to leave the bins in full view for the sake of convenience, make sure they’re shifted somewhere more discreet in time for viewings.

Don’t forget the gates

It doesn’t really matter how sparkling the front door looks if the gate’s dropping off its hinges. In addition to giving it a new coat of paint and a drop of oil (or WD40) on the hinges, make sure it’s easy to open. You want to make viewing your Fylde property easy, and having to kick the gate down to get in doesn’t make for a great start.

Check the street

Wyre council still mows verges and sprays weed killer on streets, but if your street hasn’t been tackled in a while, it may be worth a call to the council to see when you’re next due. You can always do a bit of DIY street weeding if the front of your property is becoming overgrown.

With all of those points ticked off, you’ve given your home kerb appeal. Now make the most of it by selling your North Fylde home with us. You can get in touch here.

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