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Buying a new home? Watch out for these tell-tale signs of damp!

Your clothes won’t dry properly, there will be an unusual damp musty smell and you may have difficulty breathing. Don’t be fooled by damp covered by paint and carefully placed furniture.
Keep in mind these tell-tale signs of damp when you next view a property.

What is damp?

Damp is the presence of water and moisture in places it shouldn’t be – usually inside walls or rising up from the floor. Causes of damp often include porous brick and stonework, leaky pipes, and rising moisture from soil. If ignored, it can cost thousands to repair – so make sure you know how to spot it as early as the first viewing!


Perhaps the most obvious sign of a damp problem, but often the most overlooked. If you notice water droplets have collected on windows accompanied by black spots of mould on walls, ceilings, and carpets then it is likely that the property you are viewing has a damp problem.

Rising damp

If you are buying a house with rising damp, you will notice plaster bubbling and peeling away from the walls, brown discolouration on interior walls up to a metre high and skirting boards showing signs of deterioration.

Penetrating damp

Have you spotted water marks on the masonry and do you smell a damp, musty smell when you enter the house? The property you are viewing could be suffering from a penetrating damp problem.

If you do suspect the property you are viewing has a problem with damp, ask your agent! They will be able to speak to the seller about this, and offer advice.

We hope this blog post helps to make your property hunting experience a positive one!


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